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David Saunier

Director, Central Virginia Restorative Justice The Central Virginia Restorative Justice program in Charlottesville, VA, continues to grow. Initially I worked with the juvenile courts where I initiated the process with “support and accountability conferences” in which victims and offenders meet. The conference may also include parents and community members where appropriate. At the end of every meeting, ...More

Rebecca Metcalfe Stone

Becca and her husband, Luke, live in the Boston, Mass. area where Becca works as a mediator for the Bureau of Special Education Appeals. Mediations are between parents and school districts, and the issues in mediation pertain to children with special needs. Becca has been able to continue with her love of restorative justice by ...More

Lowering Crime by Building Community

The transition from schoolteaching to restorative justice practitioner was not a big leap for Rebecca Stone (MA ’11). She had worked in a therapeutic boarding school for two years and grasped the skills and methodologies helpful for addressing problems with special education students. She was patient, affirming, flexible. A good listener. All of which stand ...More