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Jarem Sawatsky

Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies, Canadian Mennonite University March 2008: In March of this year I completed my PhD in Law at the University of Hull. I completed a comparative study of three communities which have or are said to have some practice of healing justice: Hollow Water (an Aboriginal community in ...More

CSOP, 2009: Helping Canadians to Face Difficult Issues

In 2001, Jarem Sawatsky headed from Virginia to his home in Winnipeg, Canada, with two key assets: a master’s degree in conflict transformation and the vision of a peacebuilding school similar to CJP’s Summer Peacebuilding Institute. Eight years later, after earning a PhD in law, Sawatsky saw his dream become a reality when he became ...More

Professional in mediation and conflict

C. Dave Dyck, MA ’00 Winnipeg, Canada Reflecting on the 10 years since he finished his master’s degree, Dave Dyck says two memories loom large: (1) The joyful time spent in community, experiencing meaningful relationships. (2) The way that his restorative justice professor, Howard Zehr, “handed off power.” Dave recalls that Howard had a way ...More