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Intersecting Paths Towards Justice and Peace

These three have never met – Marian and James Payne, residing in Richmond, Virginia, and Mulanda Jimmy Juma, residing in Johannesburg, South Africa – but all began a journey toward peacebuilding a quarter of a century ago. The trails they’ve taken have intersected at multiple junctures, without their knowing it. The Paynes are retired Pennsylvania ...More

API, 2000: Birthing Peace Clubs in African Schools

Weeks of xenophobic attacks in spring 2015 on migrants living in South Africa deeply affected Mulanda Jimmy Juma, though he was not threatened personally. Not this time.[1] Juma is a migrant to South Africa from elsewhere on the continent, like many of those attacked in the Johannesburg township of Alexandra and in Durban in March ...More

Flora Bringi Francis: ‘My Breakdown Became a Breakthrough’

Flora Bringi Francis of South Sudan wrote these reflections after attending the 2013 session of the Africa Peacebuilding Institute (API). Her words have been slightly edited to fit the capitalization, punctuation, and grammar style of Peacebuilder. My stories are usually immersed in feelings of hopelessness that are always initiated by a crisis. I have come ...More

Peacebuilding author & consultant

Fidele Lumeya, MA ’00 Silver Spring, Maryland Fidele Lumeya feels that much of the material he covered to obtain his master’s degree in conflict transformation actually was embodied in African traditions of living in community, working out problems peaceably, and practicing reconciliation. Fidele articulated some of his views in a 2009 French-language book The Culture ...More