Willroy Alexander Grant

2010: Peacebuilding Collaboration Coordinator at World Vision International

The purpose of this job is to increase the effectiveness of the Peacebuilding Community of Practice (CoP) and its associated networks and interest groups by facilitating communications and collaboration, as well as coordinating its activities and knowledge management.

The Peacebuilding CoP, commonly known as PaxNet, is one of the longest-serving CoPs in the World Vision Partnership, having functioned continuously since its creation in 2000 with significant investment from the Director of Peacebuilding. In order to harness its growth and collective expertise to its full ministry potential, PaxNet needs a dedicated coordinator to lead World Vision’s knowledge management, learning and collaboration efforts on peacebuilding.

My responsibilities are to coordinate communications, stimulate innovation and empower collaboration among the members of the Peacebuilding community of practice (PaxNet), through the following activities:

  1. Knowledge management strategy: Create clear expectations and model standards of higher performance as a CoP.
  2. Membership Management: Administer member access to online collaboration tools.
  3. Event Management: Promote and model a culture where PaxNet members notify each other of important events.
  4. Training Coordination: Identify training needs, mobilise training resources, and create a culture of accountability for deploying the training.
  5. Occasional Projects: Manage 1-2 month projects as assigned by the Director.\
  6. Liaison: Coordinate actively with other CoP Coordinators on Partnership standards relating to CoPs
  7. Documentation & Communications: Write, edit, and distribute regular and clear internal WV communications on the activities of PaxNet and its members.
  8. Empowering Children as Peacebuilders: mobilise the right people and skills to National Offices requesting help with the Empowering Children as Peacebuilders project model.
  9. Other duties as assigned: My position is global, so even though I am based at home in Costa Rica my job requires me to think and operate globally in this brand new position. This will have me traveling around the world as the program and budget allow it.
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