Thong Anh Tran

PhD candidate, Australian National University

Prior to being accepted into the PhD program at Australian National University, I worked at the Research Center for Rural Development (RCRD) of An Giang University (AGU) in An Giang Province in the southern delta of Vietnam.  My position as a researcher at RCRD gave me inspiration and great motivation to move forward, and was a great chance to engage my MA discipline into my fieldwork and development projects in the current setting of Vietnam

Beginning in 2006 when I arrived at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), I worked for IC3—Intercultural Cmmunicative Competence–as part of the contract between EMU and AGU which supported me for my MA program at EMU. During my practicum, I worked intensively on the integration of peace education into inter-cultural communicative competence (IC3) at AGU. Dan Wessner, EMU professor, was my supervisor then.

With my practicum work, I found that there should be this integration to fill in the gap of IC3 if it is applied to teaching at AGU in Vietnam. After graduation I returned to work as Deputy Head of the Department of Foreign Languages until the opportunity to transfer to the Research Center for Rural Development.