Tamara Mihalic

Tamara is a tertiary qualified professional, including a PhD in peace studies from the University of Melbourne and a Master’s degree in conflict transformation from Eastern Mennonite University, with extensive experience in teaching and workshop design, conflict resolution and analysis, trauma awareness, refugees, facilitation, program management, and social research. I am committed to creating solutions, have highly developed interpersonal multicultural communication skills, welcoming challenge and guided by curiosity and resilience.

She has a diverse set of skills and knowledge that can be summarized across four broad areas: (1) teaching and workshop design; (2) conflict analysis, investigation and dispute resolution; (3) research and methodology; (4) non-violent communication; and (5) project planning and monitoring.

Her focus has always been on social inclusion and individual’s ability to create desired change, to negotiate their relationships within their social and cultural context, and how their social and cultural context influences and supports them towards development of their potential.

This profile was last updated January 24, 2018