Stephen Gonsalves

Director of Calcutta Urban Service

I am currently the Director of an ecumenical (including both Protestants and Catholics) non-profit organization called Calcutta Urban Service (CUS) which is based in the city of Kolkata. The organization is the only one its kind and works mainly in the following development issues:

  • Peace and Non-violence: training and developing peacebuilding programs
  • Gender Justice: advocacy for public policy changes
  • Environment and Ecology: homestead land development for the marginalized, agro-forestry and nutrition
  • Sustainable Development: good governance and public policy changes on development issues
  • Child Rights: pertaining to working, street kids and children involved in crime-related livelihood
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention: focuses on the right to the workplace of affected with HIV/AIDS, incorporating public policy changes

My primary duties as the Director involve promoting the work of CUS within and outside the church circles, raising resources, and leading a highly trained group of professionals in the activities of the organization. These activities are researched and well documented. CUS is a member of the Urban Rural Mission of the National Christian Council of India.

My wife Florence and I live in central Kolkata with our two daughters and son.

This profile was last updated March 22, 2014