Shoqi Abas Maktary

A former Fulbright Scholar, has over 11 years of experience in social development with nine years of professional experience in peacebuilding, conflict sensitivity mainstreaming, conflict resolution, crisis prevention, risk management and development planning and holds a Masters degree in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding with a focus on conflict sensitivity and a second Masters degree in Security Management. He currently serves as Search for Common Ground’s Yemen Country Director.

Areas of expertise are:

  • Conflict Sensitive Development, over six years of experience in advising a wide spectrum of projects on conflict sensitivity mainstreaming and integrating risk management into development and humanitarian operations.
  • Context Analysis and Impact Assessment, had done a number of context analysis exercises to identify conflict lines and dynamics and recommend entry points for peacebuilding and mitigation in Yemen.
  • Risk Management, advised on risk assessment for development organizations, and developed risk management systems for humanitarian and development organizations, including development of Standard Operating Producers (SOPs) and designing of access control system.
  • Peacebuilding projects design: developed a number of wining peacebuilding projects and media oriented projects, this include design projects’ concepts, sensitive targeting, development of activities streams, budgeting and impact indicators.
  • Training has extensive experiences in training around topics of conflict sensitivity, Do No Harm (DNH), Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA), conflict analysis, conflict management, generation dialogue approach, development design, risk assessment and security management.

I believe that in peacebuilding process and to mange conflicts peacefully you need to transfer minds and hearts of people and build an interest in sustainable peace.

This profile was last updated June 15, 2018