Ruba Musleh is a youth development and program management expert, who currently work as a freelance consultant in Palestine. Since graduating from EMU, Ruba focused on working with youth as she is a strong believer in the importance of their empowerment to build a resilient Palestine.

She is a certified master trainer in youth life skills, employability, and social entrepreneurship. She is well-versed in curriculum development for youth skill-building and training. In recent years Ruba has gained experience across the landscape of education and training providers, including universities, vocational training institutions, and community-based programs reaching out-of-school youth. In addition to her experience in youth skills development initiatives and strategies for linking youth to employment opportunities, she has expertise in youth leadership initiatives, including service learning.

Ruba also has extensive experience in participatory community engagement processes, including stakeholder dialogue, dual client assessments, and organizational capacity assessments.

This profile was last updated March 3, 2018