Rania Kharma

I am working as a consultant with the World Bank in Gaza City. Now I am taking a new position coordinating the emergency services support project to the Palestinian Authority, and I continue coordinating the reform trust fund with the Bank.

The emergency project is administered by the World Bank, and many donors are supporting it. It aims at giving support to ministries of health, education, and social affairs to enhance their health services, purchase drugs, medical equipment, pay salaries for university professors, and help hardship cases.

It’s good, but very technical and deals with huge numbers of money (which I dislike so much! Money is not the thing I wish to deal with all day!) But on the other hand, I’m still involved in the reform process of the Palestinian Authority, which makes the balance I need between technical issue and political ones!

As a volunteer, Rania also worked with a group of young people who had participated in Seeds for Peace activities to evaluate their experiences. An American organization called Social Impact was arranging the annual evaluation.

This profile was last updated March 23, 2014