Raghda Quandour

Last three positions:

Organizational Development Expert: School Directorate Improvement Program, Jordan’s Education Reform for Knowledge Economy ERfKE II (May 14th – 31st July 2013). Funded by CIDA, managed by Agriteam Canada. The task allowed me 12 days prior to contract, for literature review and filed visits, followed by attending training; on School Directorate Development methodology. My out-put, was; composed first draft (guideline /manual), to be used by the Field Directorates, at the Jordanian Ministry of Education. Also, delivered a short review of the program cycle, and challenges to sustainability upon the exit of the School Directorate Improvement Program (SDIP), funded by CIDA. Reference: Ms. Joan Donaldson, Field Manager, School and Directorate Improvement Project, Amman, Jordan.

Organizational Development Consultant: Waqe3 Centre for Community Development (May 20-June 23, 2012)
Reference: Ms. Eman Nimri / Chairperson
The assignment objective was to support the centre’s sustainability beyond the allocated (CIDA fund, allocated through the McGill Middle East Peace Program). By developing a fundraising plan and build institutional capacity.
Key achievements: Worked closely with the centre team to collate and develop needed documents and data with the Centres team, and develop new ideas for programs, in line with community needs, mission of Waqe3 Centre, and McGill ME Peace Program objectives.

Organizational Development Consultant: CARE International: (Jan 2010-June 2010 / 100 working days):
Reference: Ms. Kate Washington / supervisor
The assignment objective was to improve organizational capacity of six CBOs in three areas:
1. Administration (including reporting, accounting etc.). The consultancy worked on integrating best practices related to: planning, leading, organizing and controlling management concepts, applications, and practical tools.
2. Fundraising (identifying needs, force filed analysis, and assessment, identifying donors, writing proposals)
3. Governance and participation of the community (legitimacy, transparency, rights programming, etc.)
Key achievements: conducted organizational audit for all six CBOs, used audit process to integrated conceptual and practical changes to meet best practice criteria. Consultancy worked to increase community base of the CBOs. CBO’s identified their 5 year strategic plan, all six CBO’s identified funding needs founded on rights programming, all six CBOs’ applied for funding (local and international). Note: valuable lessons learnt.

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