Naw Kanyaw Paw

Nyaw Nyaw has been working with Hope International as programs facilitator since 2004. Also as a volunteer, and often as a resource person, she is actively engaged in various civil society networks working on peace in Myanmar including Civil Society Forum for Peace, the Karen Peace Support Team, the Myanmar Scholarship Alumni Association, Karen Women Empowerment Group, and the Karen Development Association.

Hope International basically works in partnership with local organizations, supporting them in their programs such as peace-oriented development initiatives, capacity building for personal and social transformation, trainings and workshops on personal leadership and public peace process, consultations, and situation analysis, using the peacebuilding knowledge and background gained from CTP, now CJP, and lessons they’ve learned from their context.

Three CJP alumni work with Hope International: S’Lont Mun ‘05, Carol Gowler ‘03 and David Tegenfeldt ‘04. Hope is a friend organization of Shalom Foundation, where Ja Nan Lahtaw ‘04 is the assistant director.

In Burma (Myanmar), after six decades of civil war, more than two million civilians have been internally displaced and relationships have broken among major ethnic groups. Through peacebuilding efforts, training is provided for community leaders in order to enable them to facilitate a common understanding among their people and to promote peace within and across their communities.