Michal Reifen

I am working in Tel Aviv at the policy development think tank that focuses on producing peace-oriented policy on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. I am now directing two projects, one on the refugee issue and one on the disengagement plan. I am really enjoying the work. I am also an active volunteer in the Israeli Women’s Network and the Coalition of Women for Peace.

November 2006: The war between Israel and Lebanon seems so far away now, which is difficult to grasp since our life was completely upside down then. We had a family of refugees from the North of Israel staying with us, and between their three-year old with nightmares, our little Amos and their three-month old baby, non of us were getting any sleep.  We would have just as gladly hosted a family of Lebanese refugees, but, of course, if that were possible, there wouldn’t be a war to begin with.

March 2006: I am back with the ECF. My husband Zach is now the Israeli Deputy Director of Friends of the Earth, Middle East (with offices in Tel Aviv, Bethlehem and Amman ). I have also joined the Board of Directors of “Green Course” an environmental activist non-governmental organization in Israel.

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