Assistant to the Middle School Principal, Korea International School; Sungnam City, Korea

It is a young school and yet growing fast. Since there are strong needs for more international schools in Korea, more international schools are expected to be built in the near future.

My job is mainly administrative work. But I also play a role as a facilitator between parents (mostly Koreans) and teachers, and Korean staff and Western staff. I observe many cultural differences and tension caused by lack of cultural understanding. I also see many students who have difficulties in identifying who they are and trying to find how to deal with different culture since they have been exposed to another culture. In spite of my diversity awareness and sensitivity to conflict, I realize that I am not in a position to give impact for a change due to the strong hierarchical system, my current position, age, gender, and cultural factor.

I would like to encourage and support the young professionals (age 20-26) who have many talents and potentials and yet do not know how to use them due to lack of self-awareness and not having found the purpose of their life. At the moment, I do not have a clear picture in terms of how to pursue what I have in my mind. But I will get it in the right time. You are welcome to give me your advice or information on this field. Thank you.

If I get another job opportunity, I would like to work in a business setting because I think it would be useful in terms of learning the business culture and system, probably quite different from school. This does not mean that I have lost my interest in education. I am still interested in self-awareness, cultural diversity awareness, and international education. However, I do not see myself working as a full-time teacher or administrator in school. I want a more challenging and active job such as coordinating international conferences, networking various interesting people, and so on.

If you know any company or organization that I could fit in, feel free to contact me!

This profile was last updated March 23, 2014