Jihan Al-Alaily

Chief news editor, UN Mission in Sudan

Sudan is an interesting country for anyone with a conflict resolution background, as it is both ridden with conflicts (Darfur and the East) and at the same time emerging from a major war between the North and the South. I feel my master’s in conflict resolution was worth while, helping me put into perspective and understand the different dynamics of these intricate conflicts.

Monitoring and observing the various processes that are unfolding along the road towards reconciliation, or in the opposite direction, of slipping back into a mode of conflict, is something that I am doing very closely. Consequently, I seem to be drawn more and more to those areas where there are intersections between restorative justice, peacemaking, peacebuilding and human rights.

I left the BBC in May of 2004, ending an exciting career as a field correspondent over the past 14 years. I immediately started a new one as a media trainer. I’ve worked in Iraq and Sudan extensively from 2003 -2005.

I have been working in Sudan for some time now, in different jobs, three so far in the media field. In 2004- 2005, I spent time with the United Nations Development Programme as a communications consultant. Before and after that, I did several consultancy jobs in various places in Sudan with the BCC World Service Trust. My focus was on training and up CT and Peacebuildinging media skills at the national level.

This profile was last updated March 21, 2014