Jae Young Lee

Jae-Young Lee graduated from Eastern Mennonite University with an MA in Conflict Transformation. He works as a peace educator, restorative justice practitioner, and mediation trainer. He is one of the first facilitators for the victim offender reconciliation program in Korea, including at Seoul Family Court. He has conducted various workshops on peace education, restorative justice, and mediation training for schools, government officers, NGO activists, and organizations in Korea. In addition, he facilitates a mediation course at Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (MPI) in Philippines. Jae Young is founder of Northeast Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute as where he currently serves a director. He is also a director of Korea Peacebuilding Institute, a leading organization for restorative justice movement in South Korea.

• Co-author, conflict resolution manual: Public Dispute Management (2005)
• Co-author, conflict resolution manual: Peace and Conflict Resolution Education (2002)
• Translated: Dr. Hizkias Assefa’s book, Peace and Reconciliation as a Paradigm (2005)
• Translated: Nancy Goodsider’s mediation manual, Mediation Skills Training Manual (2007)
• Translated: Larraine and Judy’s book, Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools (2011)

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