David Tegenfeldt

Senior Advisor, Hope International Development Agency
Yangohn, Union of Myanmar

David Tegenfeldt has lived and worked in Myanmar for 30 years, having previously lived and worked in India, Thailand and the United States . His professional experience is in public health, community development, management, leadership, systems and strategy, social change and peacebuilding.

Since 2002, David has focused on peacebuilding capacities and strategies of national organizations and, at the same time, has advised ethnic resistance organizations engaged in decades of armed conflict with Myanmar’s military government. In these capacities, David develops and facilitates retreats and workshops, mentors and accompanies colleagues and partners, and provides analysis and consultations to both national and international actors engaged in Myanmar.

David co-leads HOPE’s Myanmar program with his wife, Carol Gowler. He is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys being active in sports.

This profile was last updated October 4, 2021