Why Do You Support CJP?

Recently I asked a handful of CJP supporters why they give to CJP. I think you may be as amazed by the breadth and depth of their responses as I am!

Belief in the mission. “Education is key to changing the world. And when you educate people in peacebuilding, they can change the world wherever they are … whether it’s in the United States or around the world, working in schools, small communities, cities or nations.”

Big impact. “One of my most important mentors said, ‘Facilitate the edges and back of the room. That is where the wisdom resides.’ I figure I should look at where I invest my money for real change in the world the same way. CJP is small in size and resides on the margins of the Washington D.C. power center. But the program and its graduates are mighty in wisdom and powerful in their impact on the world. A great investment of my resources.”

Transformational experience at CJP. “I am who I am today because of CJP. The courses were both practical and inspiring, the professors were so dedicated to walking with me, and my classmates shared their journeys and wisdom. I am so grateful for the education and the values that CJP gave me.”

To honor an inspirational peacebuilder. “I know personally or have been acquainted with several individuals, including the late Tom Fox, who have studied at or otherwise been associated with CJP. I tremendously admire and respect their personal life commitment to on-the-ground peacemaking and reconciliation and feel it is important that I support in a tangible way what the CJP is doing to empower people like Tom.”

To walk the talk. “I think of the phrase ‘put your money where your mouth is.’ We talk peacebuilding, we try to act as peacemakers, but are we also willing to put our dollars into making it happen? Every day our tax dollars go to support war and violence. Can we send a different kind of message with contributions toward peacebuilding around the world?”

Motivated by faith. “The lyrics to this hymn speak to me: ‘In Christ there is no East or West/ In Him no South or North/ But one great fellowship of love,/ Throughout the whole wide earth.’ My contribution to CJP is my contribution to loving the whole wide earth. CJP has the potential to grow people who become the hands and feet of Jesus around the world.”

Does one or more of these reasons resonate with you? If so, I invite you to join our community of supporters and make a gift today. Thank you!



Anonymous (6)
Emily & James Akerson
Richard Alper & Kate Herrod
Rick Augsburger & Jane Rutt
Rose Ann & Gerald Baer
Murl Baker
Robert & Elva Bare
Ian & Beverly Birky
Brenda Bowman
Lena & Michael Brown
David & Martha Brubaker
E. Lynn Brubaker & Debra Hutchinson
Hero Brzw
David Bucher & Sharon W. Hoover
Joel & Clair Cannon
Eldon & Esther Christophel
Jayne Docherty & Roger Foster
John & Sandra Drescher-Lehman
Erma Edwards
Bill & Diane Elliot
John & Kathryn Fairfield
Peter & Virginia Fitzner
Bruce & Jeanette Flaming
Margaret & Donald Foth
Joseph & Barbara Gascho
Bob Gillette
Stan & Susan Godshall
Carol Hess & Nelson Hoover
Herb & Joanne High
Kevin & Cynthia Hockman-Chupp
Dave & Cathleen Hockman-Wert
Liz & Ralph Hofmeister
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Bob & Eloise Hostetler
Alden & Louise Hostetter
Helen & Elvin Hurst
Ruth & Timothy Jost
Lois Kenagy
Phoebe Kilby & Barry Carpenter
Kline May Realty
Allison Kokkoros
Norman & Rhoda Kraus
John & Martha Kreider
Bruce & Paula Brunk Kuhns
Wayne & Kathleen Kurtz
Jennifer & Gregory E. Larson-Sawin
Nancy Lee
J. E. & Emma Lehman
Ruby Lehman
Ruth & Emerson Lesher
Allen & Sara Jane Lind
Joe & Constance Longacher
Joseph & Rachel Martin
Lois M. Martin
Tom & Barbara Melby
Herb & Sarah Myers
Larry & Janet Newswanger
Elmo & Ella Pascale
James & Marian Payne
Sherri & Gary Peters
Alice & Norman G. Raiford
Marvin & Darlene Rohrer-Meck
Henry & Charlotte Graber Rosenberger
James & Gloria Horst Rosenberger
Lynn & Kathleen Roth
Clarence Rutt
Verne & Carol Schirch
Melinda Scrivner
Sewickley Presbyterian Church
Jerry & Ethel Shank
Ruth & Ray Shepherd
Margaret Squier & Larry Levine
Donald & Mary Sundberg Stirling
Barbara & David Swan
Telemachus Foundation
Vaughn & Inga Troyer
United Service Foundation Inc.
Lois & Paul Unruh
Valley Friends Meeting
Samuel H. Weaver
Mary & Raymond Whalen
Claire Whiting
Calvin & Sharon Yoder
Marilyn Yoder
Marshall & Julie Yoder
Martha Yoder
Scott Yoder & Lindsay Thrasher
Pearl E Zehr
Donald & Priscilla Ziegler
Cheryl Zook
Roger & Evelyn zumFelde


Anonymous (2)
Richard Alper & Kate Herrod
Alper Family Foundation Inc.
Daryl & Cynthia Byler
Klingstein Foundation
Shorsh Mustafa
Rodney & Miriam Nafziger
James & Marian Payne
Norm Rittenhouse
Feryl & Connie Souder
Kris Stoesz
Telemachus Foundation
The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation
Jay & Nancy Yoder
Howard & Ruby Zehr


Michael J. (M.J.) Sharp ‘05 took to heart EMU’s mission to serve and lead in a global context. His work with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and the United Nations took him all over the world, building bridges between people in conflict. On March 12, 2017, M.J. was ambushed and murdered by unknown assailants in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a UN expert on armed groups, he was on his way to meet with leaders of a new militia group in central DRC. M.J. had previously worked for MCC as Eastern Congo coordinator, collaborating with the Congolese Protestant Council of Churches’ peace and reconciliation program to convince rebel fighters to lay down their weapons and return home.

The M.J. Sharp Endowed Scholarship Fund will honor M.J.’s memory by providing need-based aid to CJP graduate students with priority given to students from the Democratic Republic of Congo. We welcome your contributions to this scholarship at


Lindsay Martin

CJP associate director of development

(540) 432-4581