March seems to have come and gone about as quickly as VA snow can in the midst of 60 degree weather.

And here we are, reflecting on another eventful month in the SGA. We elected new members of the executive committee who will lead the SGA next year: Nel Akerson and Mariah Elliott as Co-Presidents, James Souder as VP, Dan Sigmans as Treasurer, and Alli Eanes as Secretary. Congratulations again to them.

SGA helped with volunteering at the Calling and Career day, which was another successful day in bringing organizations in for students to talk with. It also gave students opportunities to review their resumes, have practice interviews, and attend informative seminars. Special thanks to Amy Springer and Jen Litwiller and others for their work on this day.

We also volunteered at the Commons Phase II dedication, where many guests were on campus to view the grand opening of the renovated Commons and have a special dedication service.

The Board of Trustees was also present this past weekend for their semester meeting. SGA reported to the board to update them on current happenings, and the Board affirmed our work.

SGA has also been working with a new strategic plan. We have approved this working document within the Senate as a way to have larger, long-term projects. This document will be passed on over the years, with chance for revision at the end of each term. You can find the document attached if you would like to review it.

Remember to take advantage of the outstanding Attachment Conference coming up…it is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

May you all finish out the semester strong. Stay focused, and have fun as spring arrives!