March 23 Minutes

  1. I.      Call to Order Ben (9:06)
  2. II.      Roll Call/Prayer Janelle prayed

Present: Michael Spory, Ben Bergey, Sarah Beck, Janelle Freed, Will Morris, Laci Gautsche, Brittney Wenger, Hannah Schrock, Courtney Walker, Erica Babikow, Nels Akerson, Dan Sigmans, Matt Dean, Alli Eanes, Heidi Bauman, Todd Hooley, Amin Laboriel, Amy Springer, Vi Dutcher

Absent: Hannah Wenger, Ken L. Nafziger

  1. III.      Approval of Minutes

Amy noted that there was a discrepancy with the name of the committee Beth Aracena asked SGA to report back to; we were just to give Beth herself the feedback.

Motion 23032011 to approve the minutes with said changes: Dan

Second: Janelle

Motion passed

  1. IV.      Announcements
    1. SGA Dinner, Monday, 3/28, 5pm: The dinner will be at Loren’s house.  Dress nice!  We will meet at 4:50 outside the Commons
    2. Commons Volunteer reminder: The Board is coming this weekend and this Saturday is the dedication of the Commons Phase II. Reminders were given to those who volunteered to help out.  Wear your SGA t-shirts!
  2. V.      Old Business

a. AVAIL website:  Ben asked for feedback on AVAIL; some senators found that their

search results didn’t bring many options.  Someone mentioned that searching under the

tags listed proved to be more helpful.  Senators thought there were a lot of neat links in other outside organizations which was cool.  It was also stated that the fact that the organizations listed how frequently help was needed was helpful.  Most found it to be a fairly intuitive site!

b. T-shirt toss volunteers: Volunteers are needed to toss t-shirts at the final volleyball

games; Amin and Sarah will toss at tomorrow’s game at 7:00 and Hannah S. offered to

toss them at Saturday’s game at 2:00.

c. SGASP: Ben and Michael brought the revised SGA Strategic Plan (SGASP) to the

senate for review.  This plan includes four goals for the next three years and each goal

has several objectives necessary to reach the goal. Discussion ensued on point A-1 which

discusses the establishment of clear and specific documents to outline role

responsibilities and tips from previous members; Janelle felt that there should be more of

an ongoing date written in so future exec members would be more obligated to continue

to revise their documents.  Most felt that this was not something to put in an actual

strategic plan because technically, we can’t be positive that future exec would follow

through.  We decided something could be written in the actual document to show that this

process should continue to be ongoing so the role responsibilities and tips can be updated

in the future.  When discussing B-3, which discusses encouraging student initiatives, it

was mentioned that this was very vaguely written and it might be a good idea to include

more specific examples (the Idea Drive, etc.).  Other small discussions involved small

grammatical changes and where the document should go from here (perhaps Ken L.

Nafziger will have suggestions about that implementation and appropriate paths to take).

Senators were reminded that the SGASP is a continuously-working, revisable document

that future SGA’s will be able to revise at the end of their terms.

Motion 23032011-2 to approve the SGASP as the senate’s working plan with said changes: Dan

Second: Todd

Motion passed

  1. VI.      New Business
  2. VII.      Open Floor
  3. VIII.      Adjournment

Motion 23032011-3 to adjourn:


Motion passed

Meeting adjourned (9:54)

smb 03/23/11