Shame and restorative processes

& Restorative Justice.

The topic of shame has become a controversial issue in restorative justice.  I’m convinced that an awareness of shame and its dynamics is critical for the field but I also believe there are serious dangers of misunderstanding and misuse. It seems clear that shame plays a major role in human psychology and interactions.  It is… Read more »

Is there justice in restorative?

& Peacebuilding, Restorative Justice.

Following the recent 2nd Annual Conference of Restorative Justice Practices International I had the privilege of spending several days on Salt Spring Island off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia, with three experienced restorative justice practitioners who are former students of mine – Catherine Bargen, Aaron Lyons and Matthew Hartman.  Our conversations were wide-ranging while… Read more »

Paradigms and possibilities

& Restorative Justice.

I’ve always assumed that the ubiquitous erectile dysfunction ads in the media today were a recent abomination.  Turns out I was wrong.  One of the first radio pioneers to realize the potential of the electronic media was a “doctor” John Romulus Brinkley (his medical degree was purchased by mail order from Eclectic Medical University in… Read more »

Partial justice?

& Restorative Justice.

We often equate restorative justice with encounter.  In its “original” form – the model of practice that led to the establishment of this field – this meant a facilitated encounter between victim and offender.  Paul MCold, in an early issue of Contemporary Justice Review, has taken it further:  in what he calls a “purist” view,… Read more »

Restorative justice as a framework for art

& Photography, Restorative Justice.

I was honored and inspired recently to be part of a “Visual Restoration” opening at the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia.  This was a culmination of a two-year restorative justice arts program.  Two large outside murals resulted  and a new book about the project, entitled Visual Representation, was released at this opening.  I was fortunate… Read more »

Dialogical photography

& Photography, Restorative Justice.

Lately I have been tutoring some of my photography students in portrait photography. Since these are one-on-one sessions, we take turns sitting for one another as we experiment with lighting, angles and poses. My portraits on the masthead of this blog and on the CJP restorative justice page were made by Pushpika Weerakoon in one… Read more »