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Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (formerly CTP) Celebrates Ten Years

<!– // Photo gallery JavaScript module designed by Jamahl Epsicokhan. // modified by Mike Eberly function photoObj(caption) { this.caption = caption; } var photo = new Array(); var i=0; photo[i] = new photoObj("Ferdinand Vaweka Djayerombe (Congo), Laura A. Schildt (United States) and Hind Ghorayeb (Lebanon) perform an original song for the tenth anniversary celebration. ...More

Refugee Children’s Artwork Given to EMU

Ken and Ellen Peachey Lawrence show an example of the Salvadoran refugee children’s drawings they have donated to EMU’s Conflict Transformation Program.Photo by Jim Bishop ...More

EMU Wins U.S. Competition for Fulbrighters

Fulbright Scholars with president Swartzendruber Photo by Jim Bishop EMU has been named the winner of a refereed competition among U.S. univ ...More