MA in Education Program

Find out about our new concentration and certificate in restorative justice in education, the first in the nation!

As a teacher, you’re eager to make a difference in your classroom, school district and community. Our MA in education program provides quality professional opportunities that will help you influence decision-making and prepare you to handle a wide range of instructional and non-instructional tasks.

Given the tremendous sociological changes in our modern world, teachers are now social change agents, collaborating within the home and community to address issues like literacy and diversity. It’s both the social and ethical responsibility of today’s teacher to make a difference in the classroom, and we’re ready to help!

MA in Education with restorative justice focus at EMU

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We offer courses in several locations as well as online! An EMU graduate education remains an excellent value in the higher education marketplace at $425 per semester hour, whether you’re working on a degree, a certificate, recertification, or professional development.

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