MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

Create a customized master’s degree around your interests!

The master’s in interdisciplinary studies (MAIS) degree program provides an innovative and flexible approach designed for students who wish to pursue a distinctive educational experience by combining the study of two or more disciplines.

Move Across Disciplines and Propose Your Curriculum

Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies at Eastern MennoniteEstablished on the principle that solving problems and producing knowledge in the 21st century often requires crossing disciplinary boundaries, the student is an active participant in proposing a curriculum that supports an individualized and scholastically rigorous academic goal while customizing coursework to their specific areas of interest.

Students may choose classes from the existing curriculum within our graduate programs, in an undergraduate course with a master’s-level syllabus, through the creation of new classes within a graduate program, or directed studies with faculty offering mentoring and training in an area of expertise.

MAIS Policies and Admission Criteria

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