Become a Teacher at EMU

At EMU we prepare future teachers who teach boldly in a changing world through an ethic of care and critical reflection. For these students, teaching is a calling, an act of service to the world.

Two key characteristics of our teacher education program are: sending future teachers into classrooms early, and reflective practice, which is woven into all education courses at EMU.

Our teacher education program has carried the highest national accreditation standards in the nation for more than 40 years. EMU is one of only five private colleges in Virginia to be NCATE-certified.

Graduate Success

EMU teacher education graduate Camila Pandolfi Employers know EMU teacher education graduates come from a high-quality program. 100% of 2016-17 program graduates who sought positions in education were employed in PreK-12 education settings and graduated with an average grade point average (GPA) of 3.66. 100% of program graduates pass the state licensure exams.

Professors attribute this success to the many various field experiences students have throughout the program; by the fifth week of classes, EMU teacher education students are in the field observing and putting their lessons into practice in classrooms. And EMU’s lab school, the Early Learning Center, also allows every early education (PreK-3) major to work “in the field” with community preschoolers.

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So, what kind of teacher will you be? Choose your field of study, learn more about the key elements of our teacher education program, and contact us with any questions!