SGA Subcommittees

Union of Student Organizations (USO)

This group was designed by the SGA (Student Government Association) to foster communication and collaboration by bringing together student leaders. The USO meets twice a semester and discusses current happenings and activities of EMU student clubs , things clubs need help with, and if there are activities clubs can do collaboratively. The USO, being comprised of student leaders, also discusses things they hear from students on campus that should be brought to the attention of the SGA.

Clubs can also make funding requests to the USO to receive financial help with activities that involve two or more EMU clubs. In addition to improving communication between clubs as well as with the SGA, these meetings can include outside speakers giving helpful information to student leaders (on delegation, marketing, etc.). Ultimately, the USO seeks to continue to improve community at EMU.

Student Lecture Series (SLS)

The Student Lecture Series was created as a subcommittee of the SGA. The purpose of this was to enhance the intellectual climate of EMU by bringing speakers of eminence to campus. In the past, speakers like Brian McLaren and Jim Wallis have spoken in the series.