Minutes 3/19

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

March 19, 2014 Start Time: 9:00

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”

-Pablo Neruda

i. Call to Order 9:04pm

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

Alicia Ygarza H
Andrew Yoder A
Amy Springer H
Becca Longenecker H
Caleb Hinga H
Carissa Harnish H
Carol Song H
Chantelle Garber A
Charlie Good H
Christine Baer H
Curtis Handy A
Erin Nafziger H
Jacob Lester H
Jane Wenger Clemens H
Ken Nafziger A
Krista Nyce H
Kyle Storc Birthday
Makora Nyagwegwe A
Mariah Elliott H
Ryan Swartzentruber H
Sonja Anderson H
Tyler Denlinger H


iii. Approval of Minutes

Motion: Go ahead with the change to remove names from last week’s minutes.


Voted Down (11 opposed, 1 obstaining)

Motion: To change last week’s minutes because of controversial topics and the names attached to content within.


Motion passed unanimously

Minutes passed

iv. Announcements

  1. Executive Elections

By noon to Christine or Carissa via campus mail

v. New Business

  1. Late Night Pancakes

When is CAC coffeehouse? Schedule around that.

  1. Faculty/Staff Appreciation

Second week of April

Ideas: Dress like a Professor Day, Student Panel with stories from students about Professors on TGIW (vignette thank you stories), Flowers/Smarties in public places for students to take and give to professors, Thank You Posters for each department


vi. Old Business

  1. Campaign and Auction update

Items include: Bricks from old Oakwood, Margaret Gehman original artwork, old dorm furniture, Lodging from two nights at tranquility suite, two pianos, elephant carvings from India, etc.

Student craft contributions: baked goods, textiles?

Becca as head clerk for auction on April 5th.


Food update: Chili cook-off

Bruce to donate two pans of cornbread to go along with the chili and possibly paper products.

Trophy for chili winner?

SGA brought in $20 from donations from the Kick-Off Ice Cream Event

In development: an update system where SGA can see all of its monetary contributions for the campaign.

The campaign has raised over $1000 so far

vii. Committee Reporting


viii. Open Floor

ISO Banquet April 5th – Funding Request coming next week

YPCA’s budget received by Christine and Carissa

Deadline for club binders is Friday March 21st

ix. Adjournment

Motion: Adjourn the meeting


Motion Passed

Meeting Adjourned at 9:47