Minutes 2/5

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

5th of February, 2014

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

– Henry Ford

i. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 8:37pm

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

Alicia Ygarza   H

Andrew Yoder H

Amy Springer  H

Becca Longenecker H

Caleb Hinga    A

Carissa Harnish H

Carol Song H

Chantelle Garber H

Charlie Good  H

Christine Baer  H

Curtis Handy   H

Erin Nafziger   sick

Jacob Lester   H

Jane Wenger Clemens H

Ken Nafziger    H

Krista Nyce     H

Kyle Storc       H

Makora Nyagwegwe H

Mariah Elliott  H

Ryan Swartzentruber H

Sonja Anderson H

Tyler Denlinger A


iii. Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved

iv. New Business

  1. Career and Service Day volunteering: Amy

Amy Springer presented an opportunity for SGA senators and executive members to help with Career and Service Day which will be Wednesday, February 19 from 3 – 6pm on the University Track. A sign-up sheet for the day of the event was passed around.

  1. Funding Request: Common Grounds

Lauren Sauder presented a funding request for Common Grounds’ new Quick Brew coffee in the library. The request was for $612.31, which would go towards pots, filters, and the installation fee for Lucas Brewing company.

Carissa asked why profit wouldn’t end up covering the start-up cost of the venture.

Jacob asked if the Library was putting any money towards the Quick Brew project, and Lauren said no, that the Library is supportive but not financially. Christine said that once the library gets renovated, they would like to have a lounge area where a café might fit in. So this venture is a

There was a question about whether the refills were free, and Lauren said that no, they are not, but Ryan said he had seen signs that said otherwise. Lauren said there is still some discussion in progress about whether refills will be free or not or if they will be discounted.

Ken said that the coffee offering is catching on better than the library’s attempt to serve coffee because it is every day a week. He also emphasized that this is a pilot for the spring, and if it is not something that they want to continue, it will not come back next semester. But he also said that something to think about is that having Common Grounds catering is nice because it supports a campus related company that benefits students rather than having an outside company come in.

Carissa said that Common Grounds came out a student initiative, and that their purpose is not to make money, although we would prefer them to be a little more financially independent. But it is a beneficial aspect of student life.

Christine asked if it would be possible to use student ID cards to buy coffee from Quick Brew. Charlie and Lauren said no, it’s complicated.

Ken said that IS is looking into a “one card system” in the near future.


Charlie said we should give them the full amount.

A few people agreed that they would like a to-go cup or an option to use a reusable mug.

Jacob mentioned it will be nice to have coffee in the library come finals week. Christine asked if coffee during finals week would still be free.

Alicia said that she thought we should give them the full amount.

Someone asked how much we had left for the semester.

Ryan said that we have about $13,000

Curtis made a motion to give the full amount of $612.31 to the Common Grounds Quick Brew venture.

Mariah seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

v. Old Business

a. Updates on Freelance Whales

Load-in is happening at two times. Is anyone available at 1pm on Friday? Christine said that she will be working that shift. Jacob said that he would be available to help. Carissa reviewed the schedule so that everyone would know what time they signed up to help out.

Carissa asked that senators please show up for their shifts in all back and on time.

vi. Committee Reporting

Christine asked if there were any senators who had met with their comittees,

Ryan said that he met with ISPC and they talked about the switch to Gmail and the budget, which mostly included replacing things to keep them in shape.

vii. Announcements

No announcements

viii. Open Floor

Charlie said that the Bulletin Board outside the SGA office would be updated this weekend.

Christine said that the Idea Drive is going well.

Charlie said he restocked the paper at the Maplewood box.

No other open floor items.

ix. Adjournment

Mariah motioned to adjourn the meeting

Ryan seconded.

Meeting adjourned.