Minutes for December 4, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

4th of December 2013


i. Call to Order: 8:34pm

ii. Roll Call/Prayer: Andrew prayed

iii. Approval of Minutes from November 20th: Approved

iv. New Business

  1. a.     8:40-9:15pm Meet with representatives from the Strategic Plan Task Force

Jennifer Litwiller and Lois Shank came as representatives for the Strategic plan task force they are here to help gather input from students about what the next strategic plan will look like. SGA will be a focus group. They will take these suggestions back to the task force.


Focus group

In what ways does our current mission statement describes who we are

-I like what the vision statement offers

– A theme is “Christian-based University” and this still describes who we are.

What have we experienced from emu that is not reflective?

–       It talks about serving students of diverse religions and cultural backgrounds…what about faculty

–       Lack of representation of our Anabaptist heritage

–       The “closeness” or holistic happiness of campus

–       Professor student relationships

Goals: Is there anything you would add to our goals?

–       Creativity is mentioned several times

–       Definitely keep goal “D”

–       How do we raise academic rigor? Can we join national honor leagues

  1. 9:15-9:35pm Meet with representatives from the Development office

Phil Helmuth shared- The campaign is on track to exceed funding and have plans to renovate s104. It would be helpful for the student campaign if a committee would be formed. Included in the student part of the campaign is soliciting parents, family and friends to help students reach our goal. The development office is committed to finding matches for the student campaign. We can create a much bigger impact that way.

What would the role of the student committee look like: We should come up with some ideas over Christmas break.

How to communicate to students about the campaign: Social media

How to communicate to parents and friends: is it the same mode or different?

How do we report progress about the goal?

  1. Funding request: Peace Fellowship

Mariah: Motioned to approve the full funding request

                        Caleb: Seconded

                                    Yes: 9

                                    Abstaining: 1

                                    No: 0


  1. d.     Funding request: Vincent Harding campus visit: We do not have enough information to go through with a vote. We will ask that campus ministries petition SGA at the beginning of spring semester.

v. Old Business

vi. Announcements

  1. Late Night Pancakes sign up

vii. Committee Reporting

viii. Open Floor

Andrew is leaving and going to DC next semester. He will miss us.

Vi will be going on sabbatical. We thank her for her work.

ix. Adjournment

Mariah motions to adjourn

Ryan seconds

Opposed: 0




Christine Baer: here

Andrew Penner: here

Kate Swartz: absent

Ryan Swartzentruber: here

Tyler Denlinger: here

Erin Nafziger: here

Mariah Elliott: here

Kyle Storc: absent

Charlie Good: here

Caleb Hinga: here

Alicia Ygarza: here

Curtis Handy: absent

Jacob Lester: absent

Sonja Anderson: absent

Litza Laboriel: here

Krista Nyce: here

Chantelle Garber: here

Camille Williams: absent

Carol Song: here

Vi Dutcher: here

Amy Springer: here

Ken Nafziger: here