Minutes for November 13, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

13th of November 2013


i. Call to Order. Called to order at 8:36 pm

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

iii. Approval of Minutes

iv. New Business

a. Peace Fellowship: Funding Request. Funding for trip to School of Americas in Georgia. Will be leaving a week from Friday, and there will be a number of students going. Peace Fellowship has a history of going, and it is a protest against a school that teaches torture tactics to people that are under American jurisdiction. Trip: $780 with gas, lodging, etc. Requesting $265 from SGA, asking each student for $25. Last year, Peace Fellowship asked for funding for two off-campus funding events, both of which will not be repeated this year, so this is the only off-campus event. If possible, student vehicles will be used, but they budgeted for EMU vans. Want to take from Orie Miller fund, but they want to ask SGA first before using that last resort. Students will be leaving Friday afternoon, and be back late Sunday night. Kate makes a motion to grant Peace Fellowship the asked for $265; Charlie seconds it. 14 in favor, 2 abstaining, 0 opposed. Motion passed.

v. Old Business

a. Aikido Revised Constitution. A constitution was revised and readmitted; SGA specifically was interested in clarifications concerning officers, meetings/classes, and if the club is affiliated with Sororities/Fraternities or if it is tailored specifically to EMU. Were elections/election times discussed during the meeting with them? Their level of specificity is probably sufficient. Mariah motions to approve the constitution; Tyler seconds it. The constitution will be passed to the President’s Office. 15 in favor, 1 abstaining, 0 opposed. Motion passed.

vi. Announcements

  1. Lunch this Friday with the Board. This Friday, the Board of Trustees is inviting SGA to lunch. Student leaders on campus, plus club leaders are invited. RSVP is preferred. The free meal is catered; voices should be heard! It’s a drop-in event.

vii. Committee Reporting

Alicia went to Campus Ministries on Monday, and talked about Muslim and Christian relations. One student asked about a space for Muslim and Christian students to talk about differences and learn about one another without the school getting involved (without the formality).

Andrew visited Development Office for the Suter Science Campaign. Funding for the renovation is almost completed, which is a happy surprise. There is not cap for the funding, so now they are thinking about renovating S-104 (the Head Room) as well. They will raise the roof and then separate into two rooms. Still talking about involving students, but it will be towards whatever the students wish to renovate (features, etc.). How to get the kids from marketing to the website, and from the website to making donations? Development Office wants a committee within SGA for next semester. They will talk during SGA’s last session this semester.

Christine talked about the Strategic Plan that is being reevaluated after its 5-year term. BJ Miller presented a survey about (The National Survey of Student Engagement) Freshmen outlook. EMU was higher in Cross-Cultural engagement; “Would you attend the school again?” we were higher than area schools; Lower in discussions with “diverse others”; Lower with interaction with faculty (which arouse questions). Etc. Results were above average on social justice and sustainability.


viii. Open Floor

Shen has officially hired a consultant, Mary Stickler, to teach a class for the yearbook and oversee the production. Hired, and got 16 more pages, and glossy pages for the same price. She hired her two main editors-in-chief, and would like to proceed for hiring more students.

        International Food event was a HUGE success; 266 students came.

Next week, CJP will come and talk about Restorative Justice; the general meeting is limited to 45 minutes. This will be a public meeting.

 ix. Adjournment

Mariah motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Charlie seconds it.

Meeting adjourned.



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