SGA minutes from December 5, 2012

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

5th of December 2012


Even if a universe’s lifespan is calculable, the variety of life that is generated within it is not. The buildings we have erected, the art and music and verse we have composed, the very lives we’ve led: non of them could have been predicted, because none of them were inevitable.

-Ted Chiang-


1. Call to Order – at 8:26 pm

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – Minutes passed.

4. Announcements

5. Committee Reporting

a. Isaac reported from the Library Committee Meeting and showed renovation plans for the first floor. There is not a timeframe at this point for the project.

b. Julia talked about the recent Campus Ministries Council meeting and the current restructuring going from 2 half-time campus pastor positions to one full-time position, which is more sustainable.  Ken talked more about the process of opening up the position to a nation-wide search beginning in the next month. Julia also talked about chapel feedbacks and the current talk of a possible chapel restructure.

6. Old Business

a. MLK Day: Shane Claiborne – The MLK Day Planning Committee is asking for $1000 for speaking costs. Jenna made the motion to grant $1000 to MLK Day. Matt M. seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

b. Writer’s Read feedback – Vi spoke about how Writer’s Read attendance has continued to decrease the past few years. They conducted a survey and are wondering about changing from a catered meal to a cracker and cheese platter later in the evening. Vi also talked about different ideas they have had about having students speak. Becca L. spoke up about the awkward time and cost for a meal has been a drawback. Jenna also thought making the event less formal would be more appealing to students.

7. New Business

a. Vi brought up a funding request from the Language and Literature Department. A required poetry reading is being planned for next fall semester bringing in a well-known poet. Frank X. Walker’s fee is $1500, so the department is asking SGA for $500 to help with this. Senators brought up the need to have him speak more than once if he comes maybe in a coffeehouse. Senators talked about liking the event but not sure if SGA should use student fees for an academic event. Some discussed that if we help, we would really like him to have a further event in Common Grounds. Matt M. brought up if SGA supports, SGA will need to advertise and really be the ones to push the event. He also talked about getting clubs and departments to help sponsor the event. Matt M. made a motion to commit $500 and then try to get other smaller amounts of money from clubs and departments (DASS, ISO, BSU, etc.) Jenna seconded the motion. Motion passed. We also made the suggestion to really try to have a coffeehouse event with the poet.

b. Late Night Pancake Sign Ups – Senators are encouraged to sign up for a slot.

c. Semester Accomplishments – Becca L. needs to send out an end of the semester email to the student body and is asking for ideas. Senators mentioned Fall Fest, money given to different clubs, International Education week festivities, facebook page, and idea drive. Jacob MB brought up that SGA had accomplished a lot for being almost completely new.

d. Senator Resignations – Senators resigning includes Jenna, Louise, Emily, Isaac, Jacob BS, and Jacob MB (resigning from VP). They all shared why they will be leaving and what they will remember. Resignations passed.

8. Open Floor

9. Adjournment

a. Matt M. made motion

b. Becca M. seconded

c. Motion passed.