SGA minutes September 19, 2012

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

19th of September 2012

1. Call to Order – at 8:36

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – No Minutes to approve.

4. Announcements

a. Shen Picture

b. Hand out Senate Binders- Binders were handed out and executive                        committee went through the different parts.

c. Review binder contents




-Role of Senator

-Parliamentary procedure

-Funding Guidelines

-Important People

e. SGA Mission/Vision- Becca Longenecker explained how she wants to have more visibility and bring more communication between student body and the Senate. SGA also wants to be a link between students and faculty/staff and administration. SGA also wants to advertise events that we want to sponsor and promote events to students.

-Accomplishments from last Spring- Becca Longenecker talked hosting coffeehouses on Sexuality last Spring, the first teacher appreciation day, student/professor look alike day, giving to the Student Initiated Endowment Fund, amended SGA constitution, funded musical, and more. She also mentioned of ways SGA can make changes.

f.  Senate retreat Saturday Sept. 22 9am-4pm in Discipleship Center.

– Bring your own plate and mug

g. Committee Reporting- Jacob talked about the different committees. Each senator serves on a committee, then reports back to SGA what is happening in that particular committee. A sign-up sheet was then passed around for Senators to sign up.

5. Old Business

a. Leadership Conference- Jacob Mack-Boll talked about Leadership Conference, which SGA is sponsoring. SGA committed $1200 dollars to the cause.          Event happens every two years and he encouraged everyone to attend.

6. New Business

a. Idea Drive (Oct. 1-5) Becca Longenecker brought up how SGA puts boxes out then reads and tallies the slips to bring new ideas. Becca Martin. chimed in that she really like it last year with the boxes in the dorms.

b. Spirit Week (Oct. 8-12) Becca Longenecker talked about the Spirit Week and how SGA hosted days such as “Whimiscal Wednesdays” with a Dr. Seus reading time in Common Grounds. She encouraged Senators to be thinking about ideas.

c. Fundraiser for Student Initiated Endowment Fund (Oct. 12-13) Becca             Longenecker brought up doing a fundraiser during Homecoming with the cafeteria.

 d. Beehive Collective: Phil Yoder   Phil Yoder on behalf of Sustainable Food Initiative came with a funding request. He went on the Mountain Justice Y-trip last Spring break where he first heard about the Beehive Collective who has a big mural, which they then present about climate change, oppression, and the real alternatives that exist. SFI wants to bring this here to EMU. It costs $500 and he is asking for funds. They are scheduled to be here on Oct. 2. Jenna asked about the murals, and Phil answered that it is one big artwork that represents what the Beehive Collective talks about. Jacob explained more about the             organization from his experience working with this organization.             Questions asked about location and length of presentation. The             presentation is an hour and a half hopefully in Common Grounds.  Jake B.S. asked about having a mural in the cafeteria to be seen by more people. Phil said he would ask them if we could have a smaller mural to have up before as a preview. Louise asked about who else is contributing. Phil answered SFI and Earthkeepers is donating funds. Jacob explained that the group wanted SGA to give $500, with the other groups giving more. The Beehive asks for $1000-$3500. Since there is no formal request, we will ask student body opinion and vote next week.

7. Open Floor

a. Julia brought up a request for someone to take over the secretarial             position, while she misses the October 10 and 17 meetings. Jenna L             volunteered.

b. Becca Longenecker brought up that the Shen wants more help. SGA             helps fund the Shen. Kiersten Beachey wanted to know if we should put             people’s ID pictures in the yearbook if they didn’t make the effort to  come to the official shoots. Senators agreed it was a good idea to have everyone in the yearbook.

8. Adjournment

a. Motion to adjourn by Jake Bontrager-Singer

b. Second- Jacob Mack-Boll

c. Approved unanimously