SGA Minutes from February 8, 2012

Eastern Mennonite University

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

8th of February 2012

“When he took time to help the man up the mountain, lo, he scaled it himself.”

-Tibetan Proverb


I.             Call to Order

II.             Roll Call/Prayer

III.             Approval of Minutes

a. passed unanimously

IV.             Announcements

V.            Committee Reporting


a. Encouragement Committee- encouragement corner still seems to get a lot of use.

b. Mayterm-

Kari will get the survey results (from the Mayterm survey) from Erika and Hannah and report more later.

c. Common Grounds

VI.            Old Business

VII.   New Business

a. Amy- Career and Service Fair-

Amy talked about the Career and Service Fair (Feb. 22) –it is an opportunity for students to do mock interviews (as well as real interviews for certain businesses), work on resumes and pick up applications/ look at post-college options (jobs and service/volunteer opportunities). They are changing the time from previous years—from 3-6 so that more students can attend. They will not be offering workshops this year, but will have a social media corner (help people use LinkedIN and talk about your professional image online). She is asking for SGA to help at the check-in/info table/help with iPad drawing. There are 3 one-hour time slots and she needs two people per shift.

b. Alli- Sexuality Coffeehouse

Alli described the purpose of the faculty survey as trying to get an idea of what faculty’s interest in a course for sexuality is. She asked for feedback from the senate about the specific document and the broader feeling about sending out a survey like this. Sam suggested including more about who will be there and what will happen- more specifics. Vi talked about making sure these times don’t overlap with faculty lunches. Ken suggested on formerly identifying Hannah and Erika as SGA co-presidents. Carissa clarified if the survey is going out to faculty or staff? Alli said Deanna recommended both. Alli asked Ken if the survey should go out through IRB or through a personal email. Ken recommended using Survey Monkey or GoogleForums. Jacob and Taylor volunteered to help set up the survey if necessary. Alli asked for further questions, there were none.

c. James- Constitutional Amendments

The Exec proposed a constitutional amendment (and James wrote up the proposed change) for Article III, Section 2, E, 2, b. The current wording is confusing and seems to require that there be more people running for senate positions than number of positions open. A similar amendment used to be in place for exec positions, but was revised (so that now only one person has to run for each exec position) and so the current exec suggests that the case be the same for senate positions. The current constitution wording is “The Executive Committee must ensure nomination of at least one more candidate than possible conditions for each resident constituency by nominating additional names if necessary.” The new proposed amendment reads, “The Executive Committee will ensure the nomination of at least one candidate for each Senate position but nominating one or more names if necessary.”

  1. Open Floor
  2. A.        Taylor Weidman voiced his concern and the reason he ran for Senate. He wishes students knew what EMU’s SGA did, and would like to see the student body become a more active part of decision making processes. He asked for feedback about ways to make senate meetings more accessible to students and proposed hosting a snack time modeled after Conrad-Grebel. The senate body also discussed changing the location of weekly meeting places to be more accessible. Hannah and Erika will look into using the President’s room.
  3. Adjournment Alli Eanes adjourned