January 19 Minutes

I. Call to Order Ben (9:08)

II. Roll Call/Prayer Janelle prayed

Present: Benjamin Bergey, Michael Spory, Janelle Freed, Will Morris, Sarah Beck, Laci Gautsche, Hannah Schrock, Brittney Wenger, Erica Babikow, Amin Laboriel, Nels Akerson, Courtney Walker, Todd Hooley, Matt Dean, Alli Eanes, Heidi Bauman, Dan Sigmans, Hannah Wenger, Vi Dutcher, Ken L. Nafziger

Absent: Amy Springer

III. Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved unanimously

IV. Announcements

a. Signups—Office hours, contact sheet, Committee list: Michael shared that there are a few sign-ups going around for senators to sign up for duties this semester.

V. Committee Reporting

a. Concert committee: Nels shared that the Joshua Radin concert is February 13th in Lehman Auditorium.  EMU student tickets are $5 and community tickets are $15.  There are a lot of spots needed for people to help out and SGA senators will need to be involved on the concert day.  Major committees include stage hands, hospitality, committee outreach, and hospitality.  Most SGA senators wanted to be part of the hospitality committee so Nels will take that back to the committee.

VI. Old Business

a. Food drive with athletics; apparel: Michael talked about the possibility of having a food drive at an athletic event (partnered with Athletic Events).  The donations would go to Patchwork Pantry.  At the game there would be a specific bin of items to donate into; anyone donating would be entered into a drawing to win EMU apparel.  Michael asked for volunteers to help with this; Hannah W. volunteered to be an extra contact person.

VII. New Business

a. Funding Request—SFI: Meg Smeltzer came in to share that Laurelville is hosting a conference for people to learn more about methods of sustainable eating, as well as to form relationships with others who are experienced and dedicated to sustainable food and farming.  There is a total of 5 students interested in attending this conference and someone from Phys Plant wants to attend so they will be able to drive and EMU van up there.  SFI has some funding to cover a portion of their expenses but are requesting $400 to cover registration (which includes housing and food).  Ben shared that when a small group is sent to a conference, SGA generally requests that the group that goes shares their experience with the larger EMU community through outlets such as the WeatherVane, Common Grounds, Chapel, etc.  Meg didn’t feel that there was a problem with this and that SFI could do something like that.

Motion 19012011-1 to approve the request of $400 to SFI for the conference with the expectation that they would share with the EMU community upon return: Janelle

Second: Hannah W.

Motion approved 16-0-4

b. Marketing and Hospitality Committees: Michael explained to the new senators these two internal SGA committees and asked new senators (or returning senators) to volunteer to serve on this committee in order to fill vacant spots.  Brittney volunteered to help out with this.

c. H’burg Block Party Planning Committee: Ben shared that SGA was asked to send a representative to serve on the Block Party committee for next fall; Hannah W. signed up to help with this.

VIII. Open Floor

-Amin shared that the energy for the birthday parties has dwindled and doesn’t feel like we should continue with that venture.  There is also very little energy coming from CAC and most senators agreed that the committee had lost energy and is now absolved.

-Janelle asked Courtney to keep SGA updated as to the Maplewood moving so we can know when the projected date of moving can be so we can sign up to help students move.  There will be a new Director of Housing on February 2 and hospitality will be sending him a welcome card! J

-Michael shared that he has heard some dissention on places where WiFi is dead; he is looking for a list of suggestions for places where we could use WiFi.  Spots include: Caf, Science Center, and the Art Center.

IX. Adjournment

Motion 19012011-2 to adjourn: Sarah

Second: Janelle

Motion passed unanimously

Meeting adjourned (9:52)

smb 01/19/11