September 29 Minutes

I. Call to Order Michael (9:04)

II. Roll Call/Prayer Sarah prayed

Present: Michael Spory, Benjamin Bergey, Janelle Freed, Sarah Beck, Will Morris, James Souder, Dan Sigmans, Darian Harnish, Peyton Erb, Hannah Wenger, Matt Dean, Gabe Brunk, Katie Landis, Mariah Elliott, Nels Akerson, Heidi Bauman, Amin Laboriel, Vi Dutcher, Amy Springer, Ken L. Nafziger

Absent: Todd Hooley

III. Minutes

Motion 290910-1 to approve the minutes: Gabe

Second: James

Motion passed unanimously

IV. Announcements

a. Idea Drive T-shirts: Janelle passed out white t-shirts for the students who signed up to wear them for the Idea Drive.  The senators will wear these shirts tomorrow and will need to carry around a permanent marker for students to write their ideas on the shirts. Encourage people to be creative!

b. The Office – hours begin next week: Ben shared that the key will be in the lock

box on the left of the door frame.  He told us the combination for the lock box . . . which we can’t tell you.  Office hours will begin next week so make sure to be present in the office during the time you signed up for! The sign-up sheet will be posted on the door.

V. Old Business

a. Spirit Week Friday Announcement: The SGA will be making a short

announcement during Friday Announcements after Chapel which we need 5 senators to help act out all the activities that will happen during Spirit Week. Hannah, Gabe, Amin, James, and Sarah all volunteered to help out. YAY SPIRIT!

b. Spirit Week Ideas – Marketing Team: Katie shared that marketing is doing a poster for the week to post around campus. There is also going to be a “Facebook Status Friday” where all the senators change their status to something about wearing Royal Pride on Friday, October 8.  This Friday they will make signs for people to wear on their back talking about the upcoming Spirit Week.  They will need help from senators on Monday morning to write on the boards in classrooms about Spirit Week and the events happening. Good work marketing committee; this work is awesome! We also discussed a few details for Spirit Week such as logistics for the water balloon fight (hoses, helps, etc.), roasting sticks for the campfire, people to man the “Jam” session, etc. Amin suggested that Marvin Lorenzana may be a good person to ask if we need extra helpers for anything.

c. $1 Lunches—update and idea: Peyton shared that she met with Bruce about adding $1 lunches on Thursdays to be supportive of those who do not have meal plans. The last time they had the $1 lunch, they had 87 participants, which adds up to over $250.  A problem with Thursdays is that it is one of the biggest days and there are many graduate and seminary students who also come and reap the benefits of this lunch which ups the cost greatly.  Bruce suggested changing the day to Fridays because the caf is not as busy and it allows nursing students to be there more frequently.  She also shared that a way SGA can earn money for this is by working for the caf over Homecoming Weekend where we can earn a lot of money for SGA.  If we switch days to Friday, Peyton believes it would be more convenient to wait until next semester; this also makes more sense because it gives us more of an opportunity to look at the budget and see how much we can afford to subsidize for this.  Regarding working for the caf, senators seemed interested but Homecoming weekend was not very convenient due to the business of everyone’s schedules around that time. There may be future times that are more convenient for SGA to help out with this.

VI. New Business

a. Committee Budgets – Ben and Will: Will shared that for budgeting purposes, we need to know approximately what committees are expected to spend this year so that the sub-committees don’t have to bring every request before the whole senate.  We went down the list of committees to get an idea of what each one was expecting to need to spend.

VII. Open Floor

-Amin shared that he met with CAC who is excited to work with SGA for our “birthday party” ideas.  The first party will be at the end of October and will include birthdays in September and October.  Summer birthdays will have a party right before everyone leaves for the summer.

-Mariah passed around a card to send to IS this week.

-Amin suggested that the shirts worn for the Idea Drive may not be legible so we should make sure that what everyone writes is neat enough to read later!

-Janelle asked that everyone who was going to help with chapel to meet with each other and talk about what they wanted to do.

VIII. Adjournment

Motion 290910-2 to adjourn: Peyton

Second: Darian

Motion passed unanimously

Meeting adjourned (9:53)

smb 09/29/10

Next Meeting: Wed. October 6 at 9 p.m. in UC 211/212