September 15 Minutes

  1. I. Call to Order Michael (9:04)
  2. II. Roll Call/Prayer- Ben prayed

Present: Benjamin Bergey, Michael Spory, Janelle Freed, Sarah Beck, Will Morris, Todd Hooley, Matt Dean, Amin Laboriel, Heidi Bauman, Mariah Elliott, Hannah Wenger, Gabe Brunk, Katie Landis, Darian Harnish, Peyton Erb, James Souder, Nels Akerson, Dan Sigmans, Vi Dutcher, Amy Springer, Ken L. Nafziger

Absent: None

  1. III. Announcements

a. Folder Contents

1. Constitution- Ben highlighted the SGA constitution and pointed out key responsibilities for both executive

SGA members and senators.

2. Budget- Will went over the 2010-2011 budget and explained how we allocate money to various clubs and

organizations on campus.

b. Contact Information- Michael passed around a sheet which each senator wrote their contact information on.

c. SGA Hour sign ups- Each SGA senator and executive member must spend at least one hour a week in the SGA office

so we remain available to talk with students.  A sheet went around so senators can sign up for time slots.

d. Institutional Committee signups- Past senators shared experiences with committees they sat in on and senators signed

up for committees.

i. Michael and Ben reported on their first Strategic Planning Council (SPC) meeting.  At this meeting, they

talked about the enrollment for this year and explained a little more about what SPC does.

e. SGA Retreat – Sat. Sept. 18 at 9 a.m. in Discipleship Center- BRING YOUR IDEAS! This is an exciting time where

we brainstorm what we want to see happen on campus this year.

f. Leadership Conference – Sept. 25- Janelle shared that this is a time for anyone who wants to be in any sort of

leadership position to learn a little more about what their roles can be.

  1. IV. New Business
    1. a. Funding Request – MRI: Jessica Sarriot came to explain MRI and the club’s funding request.  This club does a lot of educational events around campus about the situation in Israel.  They are requesting $170 to fund snacks and supplies for their various events.  One future possibility may include a type of meeting with the Goshen and Bluffton equivalents of MRI.  After Jessica presented, senators were in general agreement that this club has looked at events they have done in the past and are honestly requesting a modest amount of money for what they plan on doing.  This club has been active on campus in the past and we want to continue to support them.

Motion 150910-1 to approve the funding request for $170 to MRI: Janelle

Second: Heidi

Motion passed unanimously

b.. Funding Request – SWIP: Mariah shared that SWIP is based on planning various activities around campus on social

justice issues.  Mariah is the coordinator for Take Back the Night, a week-long event on campus that works to raise

awareness and provide a time of healing for those who have been victims of sexual abuse.  They are requesting $300 for supplies (t-shirts, posters, etc.) to put together Take Back the Night.

Motion 150910-2 to approve the funding request for $300 to SWIP for Take Back the Night: Darian

Second: Will

Motion passed

V.  Open Floor

Michael shared that he was contacted about the Dream Act, a legislative bill currently in Congress that provides a pathway to

citizenship for undocumented students.  EMU is one of the few colleges that accepts undocumented students, so we have students here who will benefit greatly from the passage of this act.  President Swartzendruber has given his approval to endorse the Dream Act and has encouraged SGA to do the same.  Michael explained to senators that SGA gave support to the Dream Act last year and will continue to do so in the future.  Mariah shared that Peace and Fellowship is also thinking about doing a phone-a-thon to try to drum up support for this.

-There will be a key coming soon to the SGA office so senators can fulfill their office hours.

-Amin asked what outlets students have to get their ideas to SGA.  There is an online discussion board available for this, and some students can also come in and talk to a senator during their office hours.  SGA is also planning on hosting an Idea Drive this year to get student’s opinions; we will talk more about this at our retreat this weekend.

VI. Adjournment

Motion 150910-3 to adjourn: Sarah

Second: Gabe

Motion passed unanimously

Meeting adjourned (10:00)

Next Meeting: September 22 at 9 p.m. in UC 111/112

smb 09/15/10