January 20 Meeting

I. Call to Order Michael (9:06)

II. Roll Call/Prayer Michael introduced himself as new president and prayed.

Present: Michael Spory, Brent Beachy, Karissa Sauder, Sarah Beck, Alli Eanes, Brook Musselman, Brendon Derstine, Katie Landis, Darian Harnish, Sara Derstine, Heidi Bauman, Hans Weaver, Brandon Habron, Giles Eanes, Peyton Erb, James Souder, Vi Dutcher, Amy Springer

Absent: Gabe Brunk, Ken L. Nafziger

III. Announcements Welcome new senators!

a. Contact Info: Former senators verify your info and new senators please write yours down.

b. Committee signups and reporting: A sheet is being passed around; new senators can sign up where senators left vacancies.

c. SGA hour signups

d. T-shirts: New senators can pick up their shirts in the SGA office during their office hours.

IV. New Business

a. Christian Early – SLS options: Christian shared with us that he and Roman wrote a proposal for grant money and received $45,000.  They are looking to host a very large conference on attachment next year from March 31-April 2 (think big names!) and are looking to us to see if the SLS can fund one of the speakers (Sue Johnson) as their keynote speaker.  This would cost about $10,000 per day and they are hoping SLS can pay for $3,000 of that.  After he left, discussion ensued about supporting this proposal.  Karissa pointed out that we need to be careful not to stepping on Campus Ministries toes since we have already given them possible names that they may have been looking into.  There was general agreement that because of raised student fees, we have the necessary funds to pull this off.

Motion 20100120-01 to set aside $3000 at the time of budget allocation to help reduce the cost of hosting Sue Johnson as a speaker for the attachment conference: Darian

Second: Sara

Motion passed unanimously

b. Student handbook: Michael shared that Ken L. Nafziger had come to him with the idea to have a student handbook for all students that would include important numbers for the university, maps of campus and the local area, hours of various departments/Common Grounds, EMU student handbook, SGA constitution, etc.  Hans asked about where the money had come from and Michael stated it would probably come from the Student Fees.  Some suggestions included having an electronic form on blackboard.  There was general agreement that planners are very helpful and many students would use it, but it might not be a necessity for the school to buy for everyone.  Many felt that most people just look to the EMU website for info about campus so it may be a waste of paper.

c. Committee Reporting-Campus Ministries: Heidi shared that there is some frustration with the length of Friday Announcements so they are working to draft guidelines for those who give Friday announcements.

d. Haiti Panel in Common Grounds: Michael shared that Campus Ministries and YPCA are wanting to organize a student response to the crisis in Haiti.  They would like to have an informal panel in Common Grounds on Thursday, January 28 at 9:00 p.m. and are looking to SGA to sponsor the event.  Peyton offered to help facilitate the event and introduce the speakers with someone from YPCA.  Sarah also offered to help if Peyton needs it.

V. Open Floor

VI. Adjournment

Motion 20100120-2 to adjourn: Giles

Second: Katie

Motion passed unanimously

smb 1-20-10