November 18 Minutes

I. Call to Order Ben (9:05)

II. Roll Call/Prayer Ben prayed

Present: Benjamin Bergey, Janelle Freed, Sarah Beck, Brent Beachy, Giles Eanes, Drew Kirk, Will Morris, Karissa Sauder, Heidi Bauman, Peyton Erb, Brendon Derstine, Darian Harnish, Katie Landis, Hans Weaver, Gabe Brunk, Sara Derstine, Larisa Zehr, Vi Dutcher, Amy Springer, Ken L. Nafziger

Absent: No one! J

III. Approval of Minutes Sarah

Motion 20091118-1 to approve the minutes: Giles

Second: Drew

Motion passed unanimously

IV. Announcements

a. Final meetings overview: Ben pointed out that this is our third to last meeting—CRAZY! December 16th is our last meeting and we will have more of a “fun” meeting and it will then be the late-night breakfast afterwards.

V. Committee Reporting

a. Board of Trustees: Ben shared that the Board of Trustees were here last week to meet and many senators had lunch with board members on Friday. The Board spoke highly of SGA and our senate this year so good job everyone! Ken also shared that the Board supported moving ahead with the renovation of Maplewood and Elmwood beginning in May (one at a time). The first would be renovated from May to December and the second would be from January to August. Renovations include improved heating, added A/C, better windows, colors improvements, lounge spaces, etc.

b. Benjamin—SPC: Karissa shared that the seminary is changing the curriculum to be much more focused and intentional around the same four performance-driven objectives. Ben also shared that they are building faith that fosters development in student leaders.

VI. Old Business

a. Student Fees discussion/proposals

i. Different fee plans: Ben passed around the sheet that Darian created regarding possible increases in student fees. Currently, SGA is working with $81,450 a year. The sheet showed changes to the budget with possible increases of student fees by $10, 15, and 20 per semester. With proposed additions in what SGA is wanting to allocate, we need approximately $105,519.00, which is very close to what we would have if we increase fees $15 ($105,950). Ken stated that Student life is willing to put $16,890 towards Common Grounds this year; however, next year they would have to request more. Larisa brought up that the Shen may still be very short if too many people opt out; Ben said that in that case, we would look towards the Shen to try to cut back costs in different ways. Ben shared that the Exec looked at the $15 proposed increase of student fees because that would put us right above the amount that we need. We talked about why we might need more money to bring in a recognizable, big-name band. After a lot of discussion between the senators, many people felt that perhaps $20 would be more reasonable so we have more money to allocate to clubs who are up for getting funds from SGA. If we propose an increase, it would have to be approved by the entire SGA, which is the whole student body.

ii. Final proposal

Motion 20091118-2 to propose to the SGA that we increase the student fee $20 per semester starting next fall: Hans

Second: Darian

Motion passed unanimously.

Motion 20091118-3 to add a $40 optional student fee with default being to “opt in” to pay for the Shen each year: Darian

Second: Hans

Motion passed unanimously.

b. SLS names: Gabe brought up possible names the committee came up with. Options include Rob Bell, John Bell, Ted Swartz, Basil Marin, James Kraybill, Donald Miller, and Shane Claiborne. At this point, the committee would just like a lot of student input for who they would like to see. Gabe is going to send small bios about all these potential speakers to senate members so we can get a feel for what all of these people may bring to the SLS. Janelle suggested making it a chapel announcement and anyone who has potential names can meet after chapel to discuss ideas.

VII. New Business

a. CMC Survey: Kate Nussbaum came in to share feedback from the proposal for chapel to move times from 10:30 to 11:00. To begin this, she has been looking into what people actually get out of chapel. She and Brian Martin Burkholder have been working on a survey that they can send out either in GVC classes or electronically. Katie Landis pointed out that the survey seems pretty long so perhaps shorten it a little. Giles stated that in many classes, the surveys are handed out at the end, where students just fill it out quickly and leave class. Some suggestions included shortening it by just focusing on if you go to chapel, what do you like and if you don’t go to chapel, why don’t you go? Also, maybe having a separate survey at chapel asking for ratings of chapels may be helpful to see which chapels are ones we should definitely keep and which ones may not be getting much attendance. We also discussed possibly co-sponsoring the survey because there may be greater response if it comes from SGA.

Motion 20091118-4 to approve co-sponsoring the survey provided the proposed changes of shortening the survey: Will

Second: Giles

Motion passed unanimously.

VIII. Open Floor:

-Karissa Sauder shared that the faculty-forum has been changed to December 7th due to a scheduling conflict. Also, Peter Dula backed out so another woman could be part of the discussion. Cindy Gusler will now be taking his place.

-Ben shared that Deanna Durham told him that she is a little afraid of possible backlash of the Safe Space organization on campus. Because of the increasing openness about sexuality, many people have been more comfortable sharing their sexual orientation, which has already created backlash like graffiti. There is already a list of “hate crimes” that have taken place since Safe Space started up this year. Ken shared that there is a definite policy in the handbook about non-discrimination so nothing new needs to be created to counteract with this backlash. Darian spoke with Loren Swartzendruber about possible ways to report these hate crimes without exposing people who have come out with their sexual orientation.

IX. Adjournment

Motion 20091118-5 to adjourn: Will

Second: Drew

Motion passed unanimously.

Adjourned 10:14

smb 11/18/09 J