November 28 Minutes

I. Call to Order 8:07 pm

II. Roll Call/Prayer

a. Present: Lindsey Grosh, Sarah Roth, Anny Smucker, Karra Black, Bess Moser, Maria Bowman, Jackson Maust, Andrew Gascho, Kim Hawks, Michael Harnish, Rebecca Stouffer, Ken Nafziger, Stephen Stauffer, Nathan Kauffman, Nick Meyer, Amy Springer, Tyler Grove, Terry Jantzi, Tezzia Ndandula,

b. Absent: Lauren Watson, Kate Nussbaum

III. Approval of Minutes

a. Motion: Steven Stauffer

i. Second: Andrew Gascho

ii. Action I: Approved unanimously

IV. Announcements

a. Late Night Breakfast – December 10th at 10 pm, we’ll have a sign-up next week. Chambers Singers will be there for some music.

b. Blue Like Jazz – This Friday at 7 pm in Lehman Auditorium. We need four ushers to take tickets and check IDs (this took like 10 seconds!!)

c. T-Shirts – If you come to the Blue Like Jazz wear your t-shirts!

d. Elections – Just a reminder to keep tapping shoulders of interested students. We also talked about changing the meeting time – Thursdays at 8pm or Wednesdays at 9pm.

V. New Business

a. Committee Report – Information Service Planning Committee

i. Starting this fall they are starting a two year process of changing over the user/server system – this is going to be a lot of work. Phone/voice mail system is on one hard drive – this is a bad thing. Looking to use VOIP in the future, because our phone system is full as of now. There was a big discussion about wireless in the residence halls – a positive thing for attracting perspective students (next two years). Looking at an alternative to Blackboard that would be cheaper. Jenzibar is a company just down the road and they are giving us good deals on all these new systems.

b. Committee Report – Safety Committee

i. Making a 4 inch binder more accessible to students and others. Debrief on the buffalo incident (apparently there are “prank committees” at some school – have to approve pranks for safety reasons). MSDS – something about a list of all chemicals on campus. Park Rd. crossings – flashing light which would be on all day, work with the city to make Park Rd. less of a thoroughfare. A need for a student trainer at intramural games.

c. Constitution Approvals

i. Black Student Union –

1. Motion: To approve the constitution with the following changes include Native Americans, edit the amendment process (President’s Cabinet) and other grammatical errors -Tezzia Ndandula

2. Second: Nick Meyer

3. Action II – Approved Unanimously

ii. Alpha Omega Dancers –

1. Motion: To approve the constitution with the following changes – edit the amendment process (President’s Cabinet) and other grammatical errors -Nick

2. Second: Maria Bowman

3. Action III – Approved Unanimously

iii. Peace Fellowship –

1. Motion: Tyler Grove

2. Second: Nathan Kauffman

3. Action IV – Approved Unanimously

VI. Open Floor

a. Our Last meeting will be at 7:45 next week.

b. Starting next year we will be given the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off and the Monday after Easter off – to accomplish this the fall semester will start a day sooner and spring semester will start at 8 am on Monday instead of noon.

c. A student came into the office and had questions about the den staying open late and has that affected Common Grounds? There are too many variables in calculating the losses that CG has suffered to know if it’s because of the late hours in the den. And are we trying to create two kinds of Common Grounds with our renovation of the Den? NO!

VII. Adjournment 8: 50pm

a. Motion: Tezzia Ndandula

i. Second: Maria Bowman

ii. Action V: Approved unanimously