September 19 Minutes

I. Call to Order – 8:07 pm

a. Lindsey asked the senators to introduce themselves.

II. Roll Call/Prayer

a. Present: Lindsey Grosh, Sarah Roth, Anny Smucker, Karra Black, Bess Moser, Maria Bowman, Andrew Gascho, Tyler Grove, Michael Harnish, Kim Hawks, Nathan Kauffman, Jackson Maust, Nick Meyer, Tezzia Ndandula, Kate Nussbaum, Steven Stauffer, Rebecca Stouffer, Lauren Watson, Ken Nafziger, Amy Springer, Terry Jantzi

b. Absent: All present

III. Announcements

a. Went over the binder and the constitution within it. We also covered Robert’s Rules – making motions and the process of voting. Karra covered funding guidelines and the budget for SGA.

b. Fall Retreat – Sunday September 23rd 8:30 am (breakfast and worship) – 7 pm Martin Chapel. Kai will be coming in again (he did last year’s Fall Retreat) to facilitate conversation about dreams and visions for the up-coming year.

c. T-Shirts: New t-shirts? Or the pink t-shirts?

i. Open discussion: Opposition to the pink t-shirts. Executive decided to come to next meeting with color and design options.

d. Office Hours: Lindsey encouraged the senators to stop by the office during the day if they have free time, so students know we are available to talk to and hear concerns. Decide to walk by the office to show the senators where the spare key is after the meeting.

IV. New Business

a. Celebration Funding Request: Celebration is asking for $300 to purchase a new drum set (operating budget $200). This is a one time big purchase – don’t foresee this happening in future years. We don’t have a written request from Celebration so we can’t formally act on it.

V. Open Floor

a. Sarah told the senators to think about the time commitment they need to fulfill as they serve on University wide committees. We will have a list of committees and their descriptions so senators know what they entail. Ken added that senators are voting members while they serve on these committees. Ken also brought up the new Housing Task Force (every Mondays 11:45-1 pm); one senator will serve on this committee. Another senator job is approving the formation of new clubs – next week we will be addressing the Equestrian Club.

b. Discussed the importance of open floor and how senators should share concerns that they hear from students.

c. Next meeting in UC 209A at 8 pm.

d. Steven had a question about the Tennis Club – student clubs can request monies from SGA. Ken explained the difference between student funding and athletic department funding.

VI. Adjournment

a. Motion: Karra Black

b. Second: Tezzia Ndandula

c. Action I: Approved