Restorative justice as a social movement: upcoming webinar

& Peacebuilding, Restorative Justice.

Our next webinar, entitled “Possibility or pipedream:  A restorative justice movement,” is coming up March 19, 2014.

Join us for a frank conversation between Dr. Dana Greene and Dr. Carl Stauffer exploring the unrealized revolutionary promise of restorative justice. They will examine the current direction of restorative justice in particular highlighting missteps all too reminiscent of past reforms. They will discuss tactics, strategies, assets, and as of yet neglected opportunities to use restorative justice to foment a social justice movement in the United States.

Carl and Dana have given considerable thought to social movements and the extent to which restorative justice is, or can be, a true movement.  Here is a chance to explore this important topic.

If the $10 charge is an issue, email Lindsay Martin Styer ( to have the fee waived.

Update: The webinar recording is now available.