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Real or Fake, ‘Amish Mafia’ Is Bigotry

Many people overlook the harm caused by the Discovery Channel’s television show Amish Mafia, perhaps assuming it’s similar in nature to previous Amish-themed “reality” programs — distasteful, but nothing to get worked up about. Or they dismiss it as mostly fake. Or, more sadly, whether Amish or non-Amish, they simply have come to take as given the regular pa ...More

Symposium on ‘Forgiveness’ Focuses on Amish Tragedy

The blood was hardly dry on the bare board floor of the West Nickel Mines School in Bart Township, Lancaster County, Pa., when Amish parents sent words of forgiveness to the family of the killer who had executed their children. The world was stunned and outraged at the senseless, unprecedented assault on the one-room Amish school that took the lives of five children and wounded five ot ...More

Theater, Reunions Headline Homecoming Weekend

A symposium on Amish forgiveness and a new theater work by Ted and Trent will highlight homecoming and parents weekend, Oct. 10-12, 2008. "WWLD: What Would Lloyd Do?", is a musical comedy written by and starring Ted Swartz ’89 and Trent Wagler ’02, and directed by Ingrid De Sanctis ’88). The play, with guest artist Jay Lapp ...More