Host families create a circle of warmth

Smiles. Laughter. Love through eye contact. Looking around the circle today showed me more about Dancing with host mothers the group and bo mes (our mothers) than I could have asked for. Trevor’s Me looking so affectionately at him. With the same look of a newborn and his mother. Me Nora holding Kevin’s hand. Clearly there is more going on there than just a three week friendship. These women and their families have committed to loving us and are un-intimidated by our differences. They know how to truly love like Jesus loved. Me Pinky’s smile sneaking out from her tough and removed expression. She is learning with us about trusting each other. Close physical contact means sharing more than just warm facial exchanges. Me Tshidi’s arm against mine, not an accidental graze (like i would expect) but a comfortable placement close to mine. Patience with our minimal understanding of their language or pronunciation. Conversations, and comparisons of how Americans and South Africans behave in banks and public. The people feel closer. The sun feels closer. God feels closer.

-Hannah Schrock