Resting in the questions

June 7

I cannot believe that we are flying back to the U.S. in just three days – It is surreal! I have learned, and experienced so much during my time here in Bulgaria. I feel like I have a lot more to learn here, and I am not ready to leave. Processing these past three weeks will take time, and prayer, because I believe that there are buried meanings to every experience I had.

I found faith-driven connections everywhere in Bulgaria, and that is truly remarkable. A country with as much history and culture as Bulgaria has an incredibly strong foundation upon which religion, churches/mosques, and core faith emerge.

I have seen this in the openness and hospitality of those around me, including my generous and overly patient host families. I have also heard this through the courageous stories of resilience, re-birth, and seeking reconciliation.

All-in-all, Bulgaria has begun to teach me about resting in the question. I believe these lessons will be re-learned throughout my entire life.

-Molly Boese