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Guatemala: First Impressions

A successful day of travel from EMU was finished with fruit and sandwiches around 10 pm. The next morning we awoke to cool air and hot sunshine. Recorded below are our first, short impressions of Guatemala and CASAS from that first morning.
Akiel: beautiful scenery
Rebecca:  I was like “wow”.
Ruth: This place is so beautiful and there’s so much to take in.
Skyy: The night was scary and dark, but the morning is beautiful.
Liz:  I just can’t find the words.
Jamie: There are diverse plants here.
Olivia: I feel a closeness with the space that I can’t describe
Lori: I feel back to myself, a whimsical feeling in this open air. Also I love all the succulents.
Kellie: Guatemala is similar to Costa Rica in its life, animals, and people.
Austin: When we arrived last night I noticed how everyone here felt really relaxed, but all the buildings have barbed wire on them.
Theo: I LOVE it. This place is so obviously different and it makes me excited to be here.
Andrew: Its pretty. There’s lots of Spanish and I don’t understand it.
Maya: The courtyard is cared for, but also so free. At night the streets are quiet.