Our Top Ten from Hannaton Kibbutz Week

10. Energetic Bar mitzvah Children (around 11 p.m.) – Unfortunately, we were unable to share in the children’s excitement for this new phase of life, due to preparing for our presentations and getting some sleep. 
9. Druze Meal – We shared a delicious meal followed by a short lecture about Druze’s history.
8. Search and Rescue Guy – A much appreciated, yet rare voice concerning the Israeli army’s rescue program. 
7. SNACKS ON THE BUS – Enough said.
6. Learning about Israeli Politics – We were able to be in Israel during a very rare, but exciting time. We learned about various political parties and got to see the election unfold first hand, while understanding its implications.
5. Mifgash with Soldiers – Soldiers our age spoke with us about their required national service.
4. Podcast – Tune in to Oranim College radio station to hear another annual podcast on our experience in Israel!
3. Akko – Another breathtaking view of the Mediterranean… and even a quick dip! Also, shout out to Lauren Sauder for having a timely birthday, giving us a baklava treat!
2. Talking with parents of Bat-Chen – A powerful presentation by parents who devote their lives to the path of peace, despite having lost their daughter in an attack.
1. Helen Goldstein – Without potentially spoiling anything for groups to come, this performance was a display of complexity and comedy, all the while touching every person in the group in a new, powerful way.

-Lexi Link and Erin Nafziger

Riding camels in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Pictured: Isaac