Trinity University Application Instructions:

1. Search for courses

CAS = College of Arts and Sciences: Women only, daytime classes
SPS = School of Professional Studies: Co-ed, evening and weekend classes

  • Use Trinity’s Online Course Search (Up-to-date information, including how many seats are left in each class. Be sure to select 2010/Fall from the drop-down options), or
  • Use Trinity’s Course Schedule (PDF, more user-friendly, see table of contents below)

Table of Contents for Trinity Course Schedule

Page 4: Academic Calendar 2010-2011
Pages 10-25: CAS Fall 2010
Pages 25-37: CAS Spring 2011
Pages 42-47: SPS Fall 2010
Pages 48-53: SPS Spring 2011
Pages 55-60: SPS Fall 2011
Pages 60-64: SPS Spring 2012

2. EMU students must fill out the transfer credit approval form, schedule a meeting with your advisor to get it signed, and submit it to the EMU registrar’s office to ensure that this class will meet your intended requirements.

3. Print page 2 of the application


“Mailing Address”= WCSC’s address:
836 Taylor St, NE
Washington, DC 20017
“Phone Number” (daytime and evening)= WCSC’s office number: 202-529-5378
“Cell/Other Phone”= your cell phone number or WCSC’s house number: 202-529-0762
“E-mail Address”=
“Student ID”= your EMU ID#


“Year”= the year that you will be attending Trinity
“Session”= It’s really only an issue if the course is offered in more than one meeting pattern in the same semester, otherwise we will find it even if it’s blank on the form.
“Courses to be Added”: Search Course Schedule (see links above). It’s okay to leave the Instructor and Audit sections blank.

4. Mail or fax application to WCSC. Our fax number is 202-529-0704.

5. Submit Transcript Request form to EMU’s registrar’s office.

Request 2 transcripts to be mailed to WCSC’s address to the attention of Emily.

WCSC will cover the $40 application fee and all tuition costs. WCSC staff will bring your application and transcript to Trinity University. During your first week in DC, you will need to make a visit to Trinity to get your photo taken for your ID card.