Eastern Mennonite University Ombudsman Jane Ellen Reid

Jane Ellen Reid
University Ombudsman and Director of University Accord
Office Phone: 540-432-4690
Main Campus, Harrisonburg
Office Location: UC 243

Jonathan Swartz

Jonathan Swartz
Restorative Justice Coordinator and Assistant Director of University Accord
Main Campus, Harrisonburg
Office Location: Northlawn 148a

University Accord

Celebrating the quality of relationships that compose the EMU community through facilitation, mediation and conferencing services.

Human interaction is complex. We can all learn how to communicate and work with others more effectively. Conflict is normal. University Accord can help individuals and groups as they strengthen relationships and process particular conflicts or concerns.

Services available:

  • Mediation – A confidential and voluntary process that creates a space for people to discuss issues, identify needs and settle problems with the help of trained mediators.
  • Restorative Justice – A confidential and voluntary process in which facilitator(s) host a dialogue in support of individuals in conflict. Together parties meet in a safe space, tell their stories, identify harms and explore solutions to repair harms and rebuild trust. Restorative circles play an integral role in promoting
    community self-care and well-being.
  • Coaching – A one-on-one process focusing on an individual’s understanding of conflict with an emphasis on interaction strategies and/or interaction skills to improve communication and relationships.

When to use University Accord:

  • You feel apprehensive about going to work, class or your residence hall room because of tension or an unresolved conflict with another community member.
  • You’re planning a meeting in which it would be helpful to have a person who is not connected to the substance of the meeting help facilitate communication.
  • You would like to organize an event to promote dialogue about an issue and need facilitators or process design ideas.

Sessions are:

  • Free
  • Confidential
  • Informal

University Accord staff are:

  • Trained
  • Impartial
  • Available for crisis intervention or simply to build on strengths that already exist.

Contact University Accord:

If you need University Accord services or would like to explore possible services, please e-mail program director and University Ombudsman or call 540-432-4690.

University Accord processes are nonjudgmental and confidential, according to the wishes of the participants. University Accord supports processes to transform conflict and does not advocate specific issues.