Eastern Mennonite University

Myron and Esther Augsburger

Myron and Esther Augsburger have dedicated their lives to service in the church. Myron Augsburger was president of EMU from 1965-1980. To honor the Augsburger's service to EMU and EMS and to the wider church world, EMS has developed the Augsburger Endowed Chair of Theology. The Augsburgers still support the seminary today. Myron writes:

EASTERN MENNONITE SEMINARY is a community of faith committed to the finest in academic pursuits with a focus on encouraging students to walk with Christ. Competent faculty engage students in a covenant of grace, sharing the spiritual dynamics of love and prayer, of worship and small group fellowships, of ministries and service which invite others to Christ.

EMS is a community of faith in the historic evangelical Anabaptist tradition.
EMS holds to basic reformation principles

In addition EMS has Anabaptist perspective which focuses on

This perspective is especially focused on contemporary issues in our global community, our inter-faith conversations. Some college graduates have found that even a year in seminary before entering their profession has been an enriching complement to their other educational discipline.

The seminary affirms the congregational role to be primary in calling persons to ministry, and urges congregations to look-out for those whom the Spirit is calling and gifting for particular ministries and to send them to seminary. EMS joins hands with the larger church in preparing persons to live and to serve in the disciplines of the Christian life and faith.

--Myron S. Augsburger

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