EMU Strategic Plan 2009-2014

The EMU strategic plan is rooted in the university mission statement. The plan took shape as a result of a community conversation, begun in the year 2001, about the distinctives of an EMU education and what was needed to thrive in the future. Since then – under the direction of the Strategic Planning Council – the plan has undergone periodic updates to anticipate the changing needs of our growing university.

  1. Become the Christian university of choice among students who want to serve and lead in a global context.
  2. Cultivate faith that fosters the development of servant-leaders.
  3. Demonstrate creativity, innovation, and excellence in academic programs.
  4. Attract and empower high quality faculty and staff to educate and inspire students.
  5. Optimize student enrollment in all EMU programs.
  6. Steward financial resources to support continuous quality improvement.
  7. Develop sustainable (green) campus facilities to provide optimal teaching and learning environments.
  8. Develop a strategic plan for EMU at Lancaster.

Approved by the EMU Board of Trustees
November 15, 2008